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How to observe fertility signs

You too can feel, observe and measure your ovulation and fertility. We give you a first glimpse at what's possible and how to record it all with medical precision in less than a minute.

Feeling your ovulation

Some women know exactly if and when they ovulated by feeling a little pain before or during ovulation.

The follicule, the "egg", grows to a size of up to 22 mm in the ovaries. This may cause some noticeable pressure. During ovulation the "egg shell" breaks and the "egg cell" is released gently over the course of 15 mins into the upper end of the tube along with some fluid. If the tube does not close tightly around the ovary, some of this fluid may spill in into the womb and may cause a specific pain.

However, most women have to resort to other means to observe their current state of fertility.

Observing your fertility signs

Besides menstruation and ovulation pain there are several fertility signs such as moods, cervix, mucus and breasts women can observe over the course of a cycle.

Observing and charting the typical change of mucus pattern helps many women to double check their fertility status.

Before ovulation there may be some infertile days when mucus is not noticeable at all. The cervix is closed and temperatures can be variable. This is the variable part of the cycle. Using observation alone is not safe enough for contraception. The last day of safe infertility is always determined by the earliest day of ovulation during the last year.

Using your fertile power

In preparation for ovulation, more and more oestrogen is released. Mucus gets fluid and stretchy, the cervix opens and softens and temperatures often drop to a lower level, like a valley. As soon as you notice mucus you must assume fertility!

Many women are very talkative, active and feel sexy during the fertile days. Use this creative power to start new projects, close deals, fall in love, make children or show your love in new creative ways.

Building your nest

Once ovulation is over, the body tunes in for having a baby, creating a warm and cozy place.

To protect a possible pregnancy, the gateways are now blocked: mucus thickens, cervix closes and hardens and sperm can no longer survive in the vagina. A reliable indication that this is not just a pause due to influences like stress, shock, or illness, is only the clear and undisturbed elevation of temperature.

For couples who chose abstinence during the fertile days, this is the anticipated time to make love freely and like all things rare and special, the reunion was worth the wait.

After ovulation, many women notice fuller breasts and love to get on with chores, clean the house or get some rest with a good book on the sofa.

What Lady-Comp does for you

It makes fertility monitoring fun and fast

Record your temperature

Tracking fertility signs is not always easy, especially for the untrained eye. It can all sound time consuming and confusing at the beginning. Starting with temperature recording is an easy entry to the world of fertility monitoring, allowing you to feel safe and confident from day one.

Over using Lady-Comp for a while, you will automatically start to notice the changes of mucus, moods and breasts and how they closely correlate with the Lady-Comp lights.

Record your fertility signs

For women wanting to record not only their daily temperature but also their fertility signs (or any thing else for that matter) we recommend Lady-Comp and Lady-Comp baby.

On both devices, up to 5 individual notes can be set-up and entered for the last 3 days. They are then indicated discreetly coded with a number in the daily fertility display on screen.

Record your love making

Want to know in hindsight when you made love on your fertile days? Lady-Comp baby allows you to record sexual intercourse up to 3 days back.

You will see a little heart on the daily fertility display and in the menstruation calendar which both go back on screen up to 360 days.


I regained confidence in my observations

After three pregnancies in a row, Lady-Comp helped me to know my body better and to regain confidence in my observations.