We love to assist women in understanding and gaining control of their fertility. That’s why we sell Lady-Comp, the most tested and reliable fertility monitor designed and made in Germany by people who care about quality and women's health.


Got a question? Don't hesitate to contact us! Our dedicated team is here to guide you on your journey to becoming a happy Lady-Comp user.

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With love for love: Quality made in Germany since 1986.

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terms of trade

Our terms of contract are in line with local and European requirements. In any case, talk to us if you have questions.

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data protection

In short: we use Google analytics to understand the traffic on our page, a Helpdesk to answer your emails, payment providers and a delivery company if you buy a product or service from us. That's it. What ever you share with us stays with us. Below the long explanation according to the EU data protection rules.

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The DITA e.K. - Lady-Comp team

Our pan-European team is characterised by its German spirit with cross-cultural competence and a great passion for promoting women’s lives in harmony with nature. We all use and love Lady-Comp and enjoy sharing our experience. Don't be shy - contact us.


Fertility Expert & Entrepreneur

Petra is a certified instructor for Sensiplan® and founder of DITA e.K. and TIORANAT. She is the one making Lady-Comp available to France, Spain and Portugal. Petra knows that every situation deserves specific attention. She takes every case at heart, striving to ensure that each woman crossing her path will find the natural method that suits her best.


Customer service leader

Anne-Céline brilliantly leads the french customer service team. Anne-Céline knows the Lady-Comp method inside and out. Her experience in solving both technical and personal issues is very appreciated by Lady-Comp users.


Fertility Adviser

Anne-Constance loves natural methods and is always ready to learn more about natural fertility. She’s also very fond of connecting with other women, sharing her experience with care and simplicity. Connect with her on Facebook lady.comp.france for a one to one quality advice, she will not let you down.


Fertility consultant Lady-Comp France

Stéphanie is our relationship manager for Health Professionals for whom she organises trainings and salons. As a former school teacher, Stéphanie knows how to solve problems efficiently and answer questions clearly. If needed, she will put you in contact with the right doctor, midwife or naturopath in France for added support.


Fertility Expert

Trained doula and NFP consultant, Bárbara runs eye-opening fertility trainings for Health Professionals in Portugal. Bárbara also provides to-the-point and personal customer support, always taking her time to make you feel heard and cherished.


Women's health advocate

Marine is a trained naturopath. She loves sharing her experience on natural health and female well being. Passionate about nutritious foods and healing herbs, Marine offers one to one consultations through her website to help you in english or french to balance your hormones and reach your health goals.


Women's health advocate

Theresia is one of many trained Natural Health Practitioners who use and trust Lady-Comp since many years. She implements Lady-Comp cycle analysis in her consultations to uncover hormonal imbalance and to monitor the success of her treatments.


Shipping assistant

Silvia prepares your orders with great care. Her enthusiasm and thoroughness is well regarded amongst the team. After placing your order, you can rest assured that your monitor will leave the stockroom in perfect working order, ready for you to enjoy!

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