Our delivery options

To make your purchase as comfortable as possible, we propose a variety of payment and shipping methods for deliveries to France, Spain, Portugal.

Payment Options

The selection of payment options below is tailored to your location. Please indicate your choice in the check-out form.


You use your AMEX card on a safe payment portal.


You use your MasterCard on a safe payment portal.


You use your VISA card on a safe payment portal.


You use your PayPal account.

Delivery Areas

DITA e.K. - Lady-Comp is the exclusive Lady-Comp distributor to France, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and India as well as a official Lady-Comp seller in Germany. For any other destinations please find your local distributor in the map below.

Shipping Options

You can select one of carries below in the check-out form.


Shipping fees are 0,00 € For order values below 0,00 €

0 ... 0 Working-days for deliveries to India
Maximum weight for this shipping method is 0 g

Lady-Comp Distributors near you

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I feel reassured

I chose Lady-Comp after the birth of my daughter. For me, Lady-Comp is a reliable and reassuring method. Being able to get my cycles analysed by professionals really is a plus!